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Should they aim to achieve this sooner?

Research ACtivity

In teams, you will be tasked with researching a specific industry to see whether it is possible for them to go carbon net zero by 2050 and how this would benefit them.

Questions to consider

  • How is climate change impacting their work?
  • Are they contributing to climate change?
  • Can they go carbon net zero?
  • How would going carbon net zero help them?
  • What issues does going carbon net zero present?

Industries represented





On your tables, you need to prepare a one-minute speech using the research you gathered during the morning. This speech must outline what you have found and why your industry can/cannot go carbon net zero sooner. This will form the basis of your debate.

This afternoon, you will be grouped with people from the other teams and take turns presenting the research you have found. You will then debate whether it is possible for Australia to achieve carbon net zero before 2050.

Things to consider when debating

  1. Don’t argue – a debate is not about beating others; it’s about persuading others to agree with your viewpoint. Being argumentative will do the opposite!
  2. Listen actively – pay attention to what other people are saying, take notes about the important points that they make.
  3. Find common ground – look for similarities between the research being presented.
  4. Educate – present your research in a way that is easy to understand.