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How to Support Us

The aim of the conference is to inspire young people and get them passionate about climate change by giving them the opportunity to listen to experts, produce high-quality research, and engage in debates surrounding how to solve climate change issues.

Please get involved if you are enthusiastic about solving climate change and would like to support the conference initiative.

Become a Keynote Speaker

Do you have experience within this field as an academic, activist, or professional? If so, we would love to invite you to contribute to the keynote at the beginning of the conference. You can take part as a keynote speaker either virtually or in person. If you are interested in becoming a keynote speaker, get in touch.

Become a Conference Partner

We are looking for like-minded organisations to work with in developing the conference. If you belong to an organisation that is enthusiastic about tackling climate change or has been impacted by climate change and believe in our vision to educate and motivate young people, get in touch.

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Support the Friendship Initiative

The conference initiative has been inspired and produced as part of the work of the Cirencester and the City of Bathurst Friendship Initiative. Without the Friendship, this conference would not have happened. Supporting the Friendship allows community-oriented projects such as this conference to continue. Find out more about the work of the Friendship Initiative and how you can support them here.