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The Cirencester Bathurst
Climate Change Conference

Convened By

About the Conference

The Cirencester Bathurst Climate Change Conference is a day-long event hosted at Cirencester College. It is presented by Harry Janssen of the Cirencester and the City of Bathurst Friendship Initiative.

The event aims to get local secondary school students thinking about important climate change issues outside the typical school lesson format. In teams—and with the help of A-level students—the conference participants spend the morning researching how climate change impacts specific industries. They must then use this research to answer the day’s key question.

In the afternoon, the students are then grouped with people from the other teams, where they must present the research they have found and debate the key question.

The conference is organised and supported by the Cirencester and the City of Bathurst Initiative which was established in 2017 by the 9th Earl Bathurst to promote awareness, communication, and opportunities between the people and organisations of Cirencester and the City of Bathurst. More information about the work of the Friendship can be found here.

Achievements of the COnference



Students demonstrate an awareness of social responsibility towards climate change.



Students employ analytical, creative, and evaluative skills to investigate the problems of climate change and propose viable solutions


Students will work in teams and communicate effectively within these teams and to the broader conference audience.

Digital Skills

Students must effectively use technology to complete their research to a tight deadline.